Bianca Stone (Hilliard/UA)

Biancha Stone - personal trainer at Power Shack GymISSA International Sports Science Association  WestSide Barbell Certified

Years Training: Since 2002 

Training Philosophies: Lifting weights is a vehicle by which to organize one’s life. Every obstacle and achievement one will encounter in the weight room can be applied to “the big picture” of one’s life. Staying focused, maintaining emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual center, and learning how to approach challenges are essentials to a positive, well balanced life.

Sandy Tullett (Hilliard, UA)

AFAA, ACE personal trainer                                          Silver Sneakers; Yogafit                                                  Spirit Mind Body Institute (Pilates)

Years Training: Since 1995

I want my clients to feel their best by implementing an exercise program that is realistic, effective, and enjoyable. This begins with a conversation to understand a person’s goals, both short-term and long-term. I want to help direct them into a goal that is achievable. As a Pilates and Yoga instructor as well, I like to include a combination of strength, balance and flexibility to their regime.

Angela Brown

ISSA personal training certified

I’m Angie. I’ve been into fitness for a number of years, running a half marathon, losing weight and finding happiness along the way. I finally started chasing my dream of becoming a personal trainer and became ISSA certified in 2017.
I drill in on the “why” to motivate my clients as a tool to reach their goals. The areas I focus on are improving strength, fat loss through weight training, improving cardio fitness and mobility.  Not every workout has to be a heavy sweat session but you can expect to be pushed. You’ll thank me for it later!

Kyla Rader-Morse (Grove City)

My name is Kyla, I’m 24 and I manage the Grove City gym. I’m recently received my personal training certification, and I also work as a part time barista. I was always active when I was younger, playing soccer, basketball and softball growing up but after high school I didn’t really do much. Three years ago my friend convinced me to work out with her trainer and from there I fell back in love with working out. I’ve gotten into powerlifting and I hope to do a meet by the end of this year. Getting into fitness has really help me come out of my shell, I never used to talk to people in the gym but now I have a hard time finishing my workouts because I talk too much!

Mitchell Davis

ISSA personal training certified

Years training since 2016

 I specialize in special strength development for athletes. However, my  training and experience also makes me suitable for any person looking for general strength training to become stronger or more muscular.

Patrick Birch         

In addition to managing the Hilliard gym, I am available to personal train a wide range of clients. I have been working in fitness for several years through my involvement with the strength and conditioning development program at Bishop Watterson High school and my work as a football coach there. I specialize in working with younger athletes to build strength and conditioning. 

Elliott Barnes

ISSA Certified personal trainer

Years training since 2016

Elliot trains at all four Power Shack locations. He has been working out since the age of 16 and has been building his knowledge of fitness through self-teaching by  means of reading, podcasts, and building relationships with intelligent fitness enthusiasts. He also has a degree in Business Management which has assisted him in his previous role as a senior fitness manager. He has trained dozens of clients himself as well as assisted other personal trainers with advice to help their own clientele. His background allows him to help every client to achieve his or her individual fitness goals.