Nick PicoloNic Picolo


AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
Nick has trained a variety of clients, helping them reach their goals for over 10 years. Using the recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine, I offer clients a comprehensive approach to training which incorporates flexibility, balance, strength and cardiac-respiratory fitness. I pull from my education, certifications, continuing education classes, and 10 years experience of training a variety of clients.

Bianca Stone (Hilliard/Arlington)

Biancha Stone - personal trainer at Power Shack GymAFAA Certified Personal Trainer
Lifting weights is a vehicle by which to organize one’s life. Every obstacle and achievement one will encounter in the weight room can be applied to “the big picture” of one’s life. Staying focused, maintaining emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual center, and learning how to approach challenges are essentials to a positive, well balanced life.

Sandy Tullett (Hilliard, UA)

AFAA, ACE personal trainer (Hilliard)

I want my clients to feel their best by implementing an exercise program that is realistic, effective, and enjoyable. This begins with a conversation to understand a person’s goals, both short-term and long-term. I want to help direct them into a goal that is achievable. As a Pilates and Yoga instructor, I like to include a combination of strength, balance and flexibility to their regime.