Business Memberships

Apartment Discounts

Since our establishment in 1990, we have worked with apartment complexes all over metro Columbus to provide fitness memberships to their residents. We currently serve thousands of units. It is an excellent marketing tool for apartments to use to enhance and retain their residents. We individualize the terms depending on the size and location of the complex. We also assist by providing marketing materials. To obtain additional information, please call our business office at 614-771-7939.

Hotel Discounts

Columbus is a mecca for out of town visitors. We can enhance their experience by offering them a full-service workout center during their stay. We can do that in several ways.

  • Provide you with discount coupons to offer your guests.
  • Work with you to establish a monthly rate that entitles you to give your guests complimentary workouts at any of our facilities.

Onsite Opportunities and Company Discounts

Power Shack has much experience in assisting businesses with tools to increase the health and wellness of its team members. Some examples of ways we can accommodate your healthy workplace goals are:

  • Discounted corporate wide memberships
  • Deeply discounted all company memberships
  • Convenient payroll deduction plans
  • Health fairs
  • Brown bag onsite health topics

Please use the form below to contact our business office for detailed information.

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